Hikvision Software User License Agreement

Please read and understand all the rights and limitations stipulated in this License Agreement for using SDK, Demo,Driver,Client software, and any other documentation and software of Hikvision DS-1000KI Keyboard,DS-100XKI RS485 series Keyboard, DS-400xMDI series Matrix decoding card, DS-40xxHCI/HSI/HCSI series compression card, DS-6000HCI series DVS, DS-6100HCI/HCI-ATA series DVS, DS-6101HFI-IP series DVS, DS-7xxxHI series embedded DVR, DS-8000HCI/HFI/ HTI/ HFI-S/HCI-S series DVR, DS-2CCXXX series Camera (hereinafter referred to as “the Agreement”). You need to check and accept all the clauses of this Agreement. The software or documentation shall not be downloaded and installed on your computer unless you accept the clauses of this Agreement totally. Once clicking “accept” button, namely, you sign to accept all the clauses of he Agreement. This Agreement is a legal Agreement about the “software and documentation” between You (individual or single entity) and Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Hikvision”). The software includes enclosed computer “software” (composed of DSP software, driver, system SDK, player SDK, Microsoft media player control, demonstration procedure), and relatively electronic, printed and on-line file. Once installing the software, namely, you agree to accept all of the restriction of this Agreement. Otherwise, please don’t install and utilize this “software”.